Christmas Holiday Schedule... Staying STRONG & TRIM

by Olivia Chang
on December 18, 2014

Christmas Holiday Schedule

MASSAGE & THERAPY will be open until next Tuesday, December 23rd and re-open Monday, December 29th.
CHIROPRACTIC will be open until next Tuesday, December 23rd and re-open Friday, January 2nd.

SCHEDULE TODAY for your friends and family visiting for the holidays!
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You DON'T have to catch that BUG!

by Olivia Chang
on December 11, 2014

You DON'T have to catch that BUG

It's that time of the year again.... the weather is changing, the air feels a little dryer, you're overstuffed from Thanksgiving and you're running around shopping and getting year-end chores done.  To top it off, seems like everyone around is sniffling and coughing.  We have long contended (and many of our patients can attest to it) that one does not catch a cold - it usually happens because the red carpet has been rolled out to the bugs.  Our immune system gets compromised with:
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by Sharon Agir
on October 11, 2014





When we see babies play, they are able to touch and grab their feet. They have such great flexibility that they do it with ease. Our flexibility as we age seems to deteriorate due to changes to our soft tissues, many over which we have control:

-          Increase amount of calcium deposits from acidic blood chemistry and culmulative adhesions from unattended micro-traumas

-          Increase level of dehydration

-          Increase of fatty, collagenous fibers in muscle



You have the ability to improve your flexibility by:

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INTENTIONAL SUCCESS - La Jolla Shores Parking

by Olivia Chang
on September 17, 2014

From the moment you enter our office to enlist our help for your health challenge - if we agree we can help you - we've become YOUR team for success.  We take this recruitment seriously. We seek to know your health goal, medical history, current life stressors and work demands, and ability to accomplish that goal given your current life status. We then develop a specific Game Plan that is unique to you to help accomplish it. We show up for you at each treatment, clear and purposeful-minded.  YOUR success requires that you likewise present at each session with mindfulness and expectation of change.  Only a mind deliberately ready to set up new neural pathways can break the pattern that led to that 'random' pain that brought you in. 
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by Olivia Chang
on July 16, 2014

Thoughts La Jolla best chiropractic and massage are not intangible clouds that appear over cartoon characters. They are very much tangible, triggering the body to produce neuro-electrical biochemicals (serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, etc...) that flow down a path of connected nerve cells to create emotions which relate to those thoughts. They actually occupy a space in our brain through neurons (nerve cells) and explain why we call them thought patterns (created by nerve pathways).

In our office, we observe that slow healing injuries are usually due to:

  • toxic thoughts & mental/emotional overload,
  • imbalanced diet causing acidic chemistry and malnutrition,
  • sedentary lifestyle, or
  • any combination of the 3
Every thought causes an action or reaction...
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Hardship & Blessings...

by Olivia Chang
on June 18, 2014

LOOK OUT for the blessings that each experience life has to offer…

for every ‘negative’ in your life,

there are many more ‘positives’.

Focus your attention on that which brings joy and life.


All else is wasted energy!



Olivia Chang, D.C., CCSP (sports medicine) practices at dr Chang Health in La Jolla, CA with her team of therapists.  She is also a professional Hollywood Stunt Performer and martial artist.  Her comprehensive, cutting-edge whole person approach includes helping patients connect brain to body dysfunctions, clinical nutrition & cognitive-based rehabilitative exercise re-training.  Chronic pains and conditions disappear when the brain starts being engaged in the healing process.  She travels the world to discover treatment methods immersed in different cultures & find quality health products for her patients and clients. Visit her @ or email

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Fight off Mental Stress naturally!

by Olivia Chang
on June 18, 2014

Mental stress is likmental stressely to happen after a hard day from the office. With so many things needing to be finished before the day ends, your body is already at its peak of energy depletion. Are you still mentally stressed despite everyday intake of supplements and vitamins?

What really is mental stress?

Mental stress is your body's way of coping with being physically and psychologically ‘damaged'. Being mentally stressed out elevates all hormones that enables us to re-compensate energy lost during the whole process.

What are the effects of being mentally stressed out?

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Natural support for H. Pylori infections & Stomach Ulcers

by Olivia Chang
on June 18, 2014

H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) is a bacteria linked to gastrointestinal ulcers, gastritis, indigestion and stomach infection.This silent but aggressive infection, when untreated, can contribute to stomach cancer. Due to its aggressive nature, when improperly treated, it often recurs.It is commonly treated by antibiotics.However, some are resistant to such therapy and will need prolonged and combined antibiotics to ensure success.A few of the secondary side effects of prolonged antibiotic therapy are yeast infection and a weakened immune system.There are some natural alternatives that we’ve used successfully in our clinical practice.In addition to dietary changes, we use Mastica (Allergy Research Group), Bio-HPF (Biotics Research), and Original Medicine’s probiotics - S. Boulardii and Multi Probiotics (available to our VIP customers).
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100% Organic California Avocado Oil as premium skin & hair moisturizer!

by Olivia Chang
on June 17, 2014

DCH avocado oil-best-sm
Forget the ridiculous high priced, skin pore clogging, toxic chemicals found in the cosmetic counters of departmental stores!  As the cosmetic industry is not health regulated, it becomes a dangerous dispenser of self-proclaimed collagen-building, wrinkle-ridding miracle beauty maker.  A natural health doctor who specializes in helping patients fight stage 4 cancers (what is termed as 'terminal') once told me that these expensive, unregulated products that women put on their skin (which is then absorbed into their bloodstream) are causing the bulk of the cancers that he's treating.
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HOW TO PUSH through the PAIN!

by Olivia Chang
on June 04, 2014

   HOW to push through the PAIN  

If you've experienced pain for a while - you know, the nagging ache that won't go away or the sharp pain that attacks you 'out of nowhere' - you probably fall into one of these 3 situations. The good news is that we can help!
1.  A weak area that was injured that has become weaker
2.  Nutritional deficit
3.  A brain stuck in the rut of chronic pain
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