ABC News recently reported “Earliest Flu Season in a Decade” (  The same time last year, only 79 people were reported with the flu – this year so far, 790.  In New York, it went from 84 to 3975 and Massachussetts, from 126 to 3736!

Looking at these numbers is enough to strike fear, especially since we’re surrounded by many sniffling and coughing around us.  Well, that is if you believe it’s normal to experience regular colds and flus, and if you believe erroneously that you can ‘catch’ a cold or bug.  The fact is, if your body is functioning in an alkaline environment, is well rested and fed with proper nutrition, the bad bugs cannot thrive in your body. Zippo! Not possible!  It’s like trying to grow a grass in the dessert!  Your body cannot catch it!  The below recommendations are guaranteed to work!  I’ve tested it myself and with patients over 20 years.  Many have high risk exposure like traveling a lot or working in a hospital environment.