People are often overwhelmed by the massive amount of options for nutritional supplements. From warehouse stores to pharmacies, each brand name making claims to their efficacy. The reality is that nothing can substitute for REAL FOOD. Food contains nutrients that are easily available to our bodies, in the molecular structures that can metabolized and be used optimally. Synthetic supplements that are available in the above mentioned stores, are often cheap substitutes, of inferior quality and come in forms that are not easily utilized by our bodies. In fact, they may even cause stress to the liver as it has to work harder to metabolize and get rid of them.

Enter Standard Process - a company has has been creating whole foods supplements for almost a century in the United States. They even have their own farm in Wisconsin and grow most of their ingredients organically. They formulate for function, so some of their product names might not make sense. If you'd like to find out more about what you might need, feel free to email us: We'll be happy to help you  customize what you might need to support good health. We offer a 10% discount and you can buy directly here: Remote Consultations are available. 

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