Mental stress is likmental stressely to happen after a hard day from the office. With so many things needing to be finished before the day ends, your body is already at its peak of energy depletion. Are you still mentally stressed despite everyday intake of supplements and vitamins?



What really is mental stress?




Mental stress is your body's way of coping with being physically and psychologically ‘damaged'. Being mentally stressed out elevates all hormones that enables us to re-compensate energy lost during the whole process.


What are the effects of being mentally stressed out?


Being mentally stressed most of the time will take a toll on your body. It's like your body is always charged up for an automatic drive much like that of experiencing a car accident -- everyday. Constant activation of these stress hormones would be difficult to taper to a halt. Your body will be so overwhelmed, altering your perceptions.


Constant mental stress can have damaging effects on both psychological and physical health (but mostly involving your psyche). Psychological effects might be constant agitation, indecisiveness, restlessness, depression and memory problems. When behavioral effects set in, they pose a problem in work productivity in the long run.


Mental incapacitation also involves the physical aspects of the body. Individuals who are constantly exposed to mental stress are prone to cardiac problems such as hypertension, obesity, Diabetes Milletus and stress ulcers. In additional, being mentally stressed will actually increase your risk of getting cancer (due to abnormal body chemistry for proper cell replication).


What can you do if you're mentally stressed out? There are several methods that can help you put a stop to it.


Common techniques in relieving mental stress are deep breathing exercises and other methods like meditation and yoga, Tai Chi, guided imagery and music therapy. Deep breathing exercises promote blood circulation in the body and enhance oxygen delivery to the brain. Meditation techniques will focus on preventing unwanted thoughts from setting in. These thoughts are considered stressors that prohibit optimum brain function.


Although you might be taking multivitamins to enhance body's capabilities, it is often not enough to sustain you throughout the day as the demand often exceeds the supply. All the more, you need to increase your supplements to avoid mental stress. B-complex (energy & nervous system support), Cal Mac (calcium magnesium), Melatonin (sleep aid), Formula 303 (natural muscle relaxants), Valerian root and St. John's Wort are all helpful to support the nervous system in times of high demand.  By increasing your supplementation, your body can cope with extreme stress factors better as they provide added nutrients needed by your body to give that extra push throughout the day. offers high quality supplements that will do just that.


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