Building up SELF - almost FREE!

by Olivia Chang
on April 01, 2013

Now the that flu season is over, you might want to consider building your body back up so it’s less susceptible to common ailments that slow us down, ie colds, low energy, sprained joints, insomnia, etc…  A good baseline is to keep your body alkaline by:

  • increasing vegetable intake (you can’t eat too much),
  • drinking spring water with minerals in tact, and
  • decreasing acidic foods such as meats and fats.
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Novel EXERCISE idea... and getting PAID!

by Olivia Chang
on November 29, 2012

I love to travel and learn new things from people around the globe.  I'm particularly interested in how we can live better (stress less), do things easier &  eat healthier in our increasingly fast paced society.  Most of us, especially in this poor economy, suffer from mental & emotional overload and can barely take care of daily chores.  How can we even find the time to exercise?  And if we don't - stress mounts, muscles get tight & sluggish, energy is sapped, hormones get imbalanced - you get the picture.
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Whiplash! The Invisible Auto Accident that can Hurt YOU!

by Olivia Chang
on October 22, 2010

I recently heard a speaker talk about being ‘whiplashed’ by life.  How appropriate!
Recent events in many of our lives have caused unrelenting headaches, neck aches, back pain, stomach tension – all as if we were rear-ended in a car accident!  The fact is, mental and emotional stressors can cause similar effects from an automobile collision as our brain sends signals to our body to gird up for impending fight or flight.  I call it the "Invisible Auto Accident".
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