I recently heard a speaker talk about being ‘whiplashed’ by life.  How appropriate!
Recent events in many of our lives have caused unrelenting headaches, neck aches, back pain, stomach tension – all as if we were rear-ended in a car accident!  The fact is, mental and emotional stressors can cause similar effects from an automobile collision as our brain sends signals to our body to gird up for impending fight or flight.  I call it the "Invisible Auto Accident".
When our dreams, hopes and expectations collide with our present reality (whether from marriage, financial, work…), many of us suffer from a state of shock, protection and tension. Studies have shown that those who see the accident coming tend to suffer less symptoms. Likewise, if we had a realistic view of life (ie see that life can go south on us on a dime) where people will disappoint, economies will dive, life can be unjust – perhaps our bodies won’t be so traumatized.  We'll handle it appropriately as they come to us without sending us into a tailspin.
As you are working on balancing life's stressors, taking some natural supplements can help your body manage better:
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Olivia Chang, D.C., CCSP (sports medicine) practices at dr Chang Health in La Jolla, CA with her team of therapists.  She is also a professional Hollywood Stunt Performer and martial artist.  Her comprehensive, cutting-edge whole person approach includes helping patients connect brain to body dysfunctions, clinical nutrition & cognitive-based rehabilitative exercise re-training.  Chronic pains and conditions disappear when the brain starts being engaged in the healing process.  She travels the world to discover treatment methods immersed in different cultures & find quality health products for her patients and clients. Visit her @ www.drChangHealth.com or email drchang@drchanghealth.com