Osteoarthritis (generally known as ‘arthritis’) is very common among the elderly and those with many old injuries. Arthritissupportshelp them cope with day to day activities.

Osteoarthritis literally means bone joint inflammation and is characterized by loss of cartilage material found in the joints. Cartilage is made of protein substances which cushion the two adjacent bones of the joints. In middle aged and older individuals, cartilage tends to be overwhelmed with fluid from swelling and the protein content of cartilage tends to degenerate with time (often rooted in abuse, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, decreased muscle mass). When cartilage degenerates, the cushions are diminished and friction between the two adjoining bones increases, causing them to rub against each other. Bones are lined with nerves, which when stimulated, register pain as one moves about. Additionally, the inflammatory process causes the body to lay calcium in the area to ‘strengthen’ the area.Unfortunately, these calcium forms bone spurs and ultimately stiffens the joint.