DCH avocado oil-best-smForget the ridiculous high priced, skin pore clogging, toxic chemicals found in the cosmetic counters of departmental stores!  As the cosmetic industry is not health regulated, it becomes a dangerous dispenser of self-proclaimed collagen-building, wrinkle-ridding miracle beauty maker.  A natural health doctor who specializes in helping patients fight stage 4 cancers (what is termed as 'terminal') once told me that these expensive, unregulated products that women put on their skin (which is then absorbed into their bloodstream) are causing the bulk of the cancers that he's treating.

100% organic California avocado oil is monounsaturated and free of trans fatty acids (unhealthy fats).  It is high in Omega 3 fatty acids (natural anti-inflammatory), vitamins A, D and E, amino acids, lecithin and other nutrients that improve the elasticity of skin.  For those of you with paper-thin, wrinkled and dry skin – this is a treat for your skin.  You can also place a couple of drops in your hands and brush through your hair for a nice silky shine.  And if you happen to go camping or run out of oil at home, you can even use it to cook!  It can stand high temperatures (close to 500F) without burning.

I’m always looking for natural treasures that are easily attainable, inexpensive, and can significantly improve our health.  However, even as I sort through my treasures, I rate them according to their purity compared to their natural source.  Where is the origin - is it grown locally or overseas?  Is it 100% organic or partial?  Is it antibiotic-free, hormone-free and pesticide-free?  For meats, are they free range? Is it non-GMO (genetically modified)?  Is it refined and processed?  If processed, is it cold processed or heated?  For oils, is it the first pressed or the residual collection? Are there added preservative? All these factors determine the end nutritional value.  In other words, though a lab may claim high nutritional content in a food, by the time it’s heat processed, grown overseas (and therefore usually picked before ripening), sprayed with pesticides, given antibiotics and artificial hormones, caged up and genetically modified, the helpful nutritional content could be significantly lower than reported from lab studies.

Avocado Oil from drum rsThis is one of the reason I was so pleased to find Bella Vado 100% organic California avocado oil.  I’ve personally visited their farm in Valley Center and enjoyed meeting the Da Silva family who run it.  They are passionate about putting out a quality product with no compromise.  Not only is the avocado oil premium 100% organic and southern California grown, they are free of pesticides and are non-GMO.  They are cold-pressed, unrefined and the extra virgin first pressed (why is this important? read on...).  If you’ve had the luxury of receiving a massage by Cris or Paulina at our office, you would have experienced it on your skin.  It’s light and non-greasy, has the viscosity of natural skin oil, and is easily absorbed.  It even has a nice nutty aroma – makes you want to lick it!

BEWARE! Not all avocado oils are created equal – investigate the quality of those sold in bulk at warehouse stores. Just because they label it as such, does not mean you get to enjoy the full magnificent benefits of the oil if the quality is not there. Bella Vado (our 100% organic California avocado oil source) reports the use of 15 avocados to 8-oz of avocado oil produced. A brand currently sold at a popular warehouse store claims 15 avocados used for each 16-oz container!  Do the math!  Our Bella Vado oil is not only 100% locally grown in southern California, USA (which ensure optimal ripening), it has the purest, highest quality & highest concentration of nutrients (being first, virgin pressed only) & it is unrefined (which ensures the full spectrum of nutritional benefits proclaimed including precious chlorophyll which is leached from the refining process in the bulk item). Additionally, you are not getting poisoned by the the detrimental pesticides that are often fat soluble - meaning the toxin is in the oil of the avocado which then gets stored in your fat cells!  If you're finally taking care of yourself by buying quality foods and products - don't compromise!

I’ve purchased this ‘liquid gold’ oil directly from the farm and packaged them for you in convenient 2oz travel size & larger 4oz bottles. They make great birthday presents!  Try one today! BUY HERE.


Olivia Chang, D.C., CCSP (sports medicine) practices at dr Chang Health in La Jolla, CA with her team of therapists.  She is also a professional Hollywood Stunt Performer and martial artist.  Her comprehensive, cutting-edge whole person approach includes helping patients connect brain to body dysfunctions, clinical nutrition & cognitive-based rehabilitative exercise re-training.  Chronic pains and conditions disappear when the brain starts being engaged in the healing process.  She travels the world to discover treatment methods immersed in different cultures & find quality health products for her patients and clients. Visit her @ www.drChangHealth.com or email drchang@drchanghealth.com