When we see babies play, they are able to touch and grab their feet. They have such great flexibility that they do it with ease. Our flexibility as we age seems to deteriorate due to changes to our soft tissues, many over which we have control:


-          Increase amount of calcium deposits from acidic blood chemistry and culmulative adhesions from unattended micro-traumas

-          Increase level of dehydration

-          Increase of fatty, collagenous fibers in muscle fibers



You have the ability to improve your flexibility by:

- increasing alkaline food in your diet which will provide your muscles with needed minerals for flexibility

- increasing water intake and avoiding caffeine and alcohol which dehydrates your body

- increasing physical activity, which increase muscle mass and nutrients, preventing fatty tissues from building up


In addition, at Dr Chang Health at La Jolla Shores, we utilize advanced neuromuscular hands-on techniques to increase flexibility:

- field tested orthopedic sports medicine client-assisted active & passive muscle lengthening maneuvers

- joint-specific mobilization that loosens up restricted joints and increases range of motion

- the newest high-tech tool, Rapid Release Technology High Vibration Therapy, to break up muscle and joint scar tissues gently


With dedication and patience, we can help you achieve your goal of flexibility.


Dr Chang Health exists for the purpose of helping you with your health goals. We honor your time in coming to our office by reserving you a time slot in which we are committed to providing our fullest, mindful attention. Absentism is a disservice to your goals and dishonors our time & commitment to you.
This Policy is clearly stated in your signed patient intake form, monthly emails and our in-office sign. New Patients/Clients will require credit card information to reserve an appointment time. 
Grace - we may extend a one-time courtesy gracce waiver for extenuating circumstances.
 Our mission is to help restore your brain and nervous system to optimal function so you can be healthy, pain-free and energized!

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