You DON'T have to catch that BUG

It's that time of the year again.... the weather is changing, the air feels a little dryer, you're overstuffed from Thanksgiving and you're running around shopping and getting year-end chores done.  To top it off, seems like everyone around is sniffling and coughing.  We have long contended (and many of our patients can attest to it) that one does not catch a cold - it usually happens because the red carpet has been rolled out to the bugs.  Our immune system gets compromised with:

  • poor diet (eating out too often, not enough vegetables & fruit, too much processed foods, etc...)
  • insufficient water and restful sleep
  • increased mental & emotional stressors

Recently, I was traveling in France, which meant eating out for over 3 straight weeks (who can resist duck pate, chocolate croissants and fresh baguette daily?), not getting sufficient rest and not drinking enough water (wine and espressos didn't count). It was therefore not surprising when I returned that I had a scratchy throat (sign of compromised immunity).  No worries though... upon returning, I used our Proven Immune-Booster Formula to shut down any bugs attempting a coup:

  • Took probiotics every 2 hours - Multi-Probiotics & S. Boulardii ((our high octane good warrior bugs)
  • Doubled up on Garden of Life Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C & Zinc
  • Drank lots of high mineral alkaline water
  • Increased vegetable and fruit in diet (highly alkaline kale, celery, spinach, cucumber, citrus for vitamin C)
  • Rested as much as possible and
  • Had our Therapists Sharon and Paulina do our unique 20-minute Hands-on Immune-Boosting Therapy

If you're struggling with a head cold, cough, sore throat, sinus & lung congestion - Try our Immune-Booster  Formula!

CALL US if you need help to win the battle over the bugs with our Immune-Boosting Therapy & Nutritional Supplements. For *Multi-probiotic and *S. Boulardii email us for more information on how to purchase those as they are a doctor's line sold at the office.

CALL US @ 619-807-1002 for an appointment and always feel free to email to any questions you might have forgotten during your office visit!
Our mission is to help restore your brain and nervous system to optimal function so you can be healthy, pain-free and energized!

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