As nature’s own nutrient-packed thirst quenchers, cleansers and health enhancers, they cannot be surpassed! Fresh juices contain a broad array of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that both enhance and complement individual nutrients so your body gets the most benefit from them.Variety is the key.The body needs a broad array of quality nutrients to operate at optimum efficiency and sustain well-being.

Packaged fruit juices, even if it’s 100% juice, pale by comparison.The reason being that they are usually pasteurized at high temperatures or have been sitting around for a while, thereby destroying most of the natural vitamins and enzymes.That is why they proudly proclaim to “fortify” their drinks.Fresh juices do not need fortifying because they have the full spectrum of nutrients already!

Today, many people take multi-vitamin supplements as a substitute for quality food.They are inferior to vitamins and minerals derived from fresh fruits and vegetables ('whole foods') even though their quantities may be less than the published amounts on vitamin bottles. Whole foods contain enzymes and co-factors required for the proper metabolism, digestion and absorption of the nutrients that they provide.These added ingredients supplied by nature are usually missing in a bottled supplement. Additionally, many poor quality vitamins are synthetically produced (which means their molecules are NOT identical to the real nutrient) and they do not function as well in the human body as those derived from whole food sources.If your lifestyle does not permit eating or drinking fresh fruits or foods, a whole food supplement such as Garden of Life’s Perfect Food or their new raw multi-vitamin formula Vitamin Code should be considered.  They are the next best things to nature's whole foods.

DRINK a variety of FRESH JUICES daily!


CARROT JUICE: As king of vegetable juices, it is extremely high in beta-carotene and contains vitamins B, C, D, E and K, plus minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium.Carrot juice strengthens teeth and bones and reduces cholesterol levels.Its biggest benefit is its cleansing effect on the liver, allowing it to release stale bile fluids and excess fats.Mix it with other vegetables juices to create healthy blends.

Responsive conditions: acne, asthma, cancer, eye disorders, diabetes, ulcers, weight loss

CELERY JUICE: Known for its calming effects on the nervous system due to its high concentration of alkaline minerals, especially organic sodium.Minerals in celery help the body use calcium more effectively.Good for weight reduction as it curbs the desire for sweets.Because of its slightly salty taste, it is an excellent addition to any vegetable combination.

Responsive conditions: nervous disorders, insomnia, bronchitis, liver disorders, weight loss

BEET JUICE:Powerful cleanser and builder of red blood cells.It contains an abundance of chlorophyll, vitamins A and C, and minerals calcium, potassium and a high quality of iron. Mix 1 to 2 oz with other juices.

Responsive conditions: circulatory weakness, anemia, fatigue, heart disease, cancer

SPINACH JUICE:An excellent source of chlorophyll and contains vitamins A and B-complex, minerals calcium, iron , magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.Has a mild laxative effect when combined with other vegetable juices.Especially good for strengthening teeth and gums.

Responsive conditions:anemia, nervousness, poor digestion, diabetes, cancer


CUCUMBER JUICE:A natural diuretic that is very rich in potassium, the “youth mineral” which promotes flexibility in the muscles and gibes elasticity to skin cells.Results in a rejuvenation of the skin and facial appearance.

Responsive conditions: acne, arthritis, fever, hair loss, high blood pressure


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