Progesterone in men might sound odd to you since it has a reputation of being a female hormone involved in pregnancy. However, males do make progesterone as well since they need to make testosterone and cortisone (by the adrenal glands) – progesterone is a precursor to both.Although progesterone in men is minimal compared to women, it still plays a vital role.

Why do men need progesterone?

In order to maintain good condition of the cardiovascular system in men, a sufficient amount of progesterone should be present. With progesterone receptors situated in the endothelial lining of blood vessels and the proper amount of progesterone present, blood vessels are prevented from becoming lumpy and uneven.Clotting diseases, strokes and chest pain (angina) could be prevented. Presence of progesterone also helps blood vessels relax. A deficiency of progesterone in men could lead to many cardiovascular diseases, developing at as early as age 40.

Progesterone is also vital for bone health. That is why men are likely to get osteoporosis as well because of the innate difference in the level of progesterone compared to women.

Progesterone in men has also been known to promote sleep. With its wide range of biological action in different tissues in the body, particularly brain tissues, progesterone produces a sleep induction or hypnotic effect.

Benefits of BioMatrix Pro-Adapt

BioMatrix Pro-Adapt is specifically made to support hormonal balance.Since it is administered sublingually, it is absorbed faster by the body and can be spared from oxidative reactions in the digestive system that can cause hormone degradation. You would not only feel faster results, you would also be assured of more precise dosing delivered throughout your body as compared with progesterone creams.Most non-prescription, natural bio-identical (similar in molecular structure as progesterone made by the body) progesterone are made from wild yam.

Through its convenient route, specifically formulated ingredients and proper use, the normal level of progesterone in men can be restored.

Due to its undoubtedly important role in physiology, imbalance of progesterone in men can cause many negative effects. BioMatrix Pro-Adapt is developed to support the body in order for men to lead healthy and active lives.Progesterone in men is something natural and should not be seen as odd. Just like in women, the it helps keep equilibrium in the body.


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