I knew I had bad posture, and I attributed it mainly to my back. I never thought my neck was in bad shape. I didn't realize it until we had a training session with Dr. Chang. She was teaching us how to evaluate which muscles are weak and what areas to target.

When it was my turn, Dr. Chang took a picture of my neck. It was an eye opener. I looked like a chicken with my neck protruding forward, and it was a little frightening. There was a lot of strain happening with my front and back neck muscles. My fellow therapist Paulina used advanced manual therapy and our new cutting edge Rapid Release Pro 2 therapy tool to help relieve muscle tension, but I was still tight. Dr. Chang then realigned my spine and gave me her signature Hyper-Stabilization Rebalancing Exercises to strengthen the muscles on my lower neck above the shoulders, and restructure my posture.

With the combination of HSR exercises and manual therapy for 2 weeks, these were the results: I felt alive, a lot taller (I'm short), I saw the world from a different view, and with less neck tension and pain.  After 4 months, there was even more improvement!


Our Hyper-Stabilization Rebalancing Exercises are a wonderful tool that has personally helped to prevent further neck pain and discomfort. They incorporate cognitive strengthening of nerve signals from the brain to the muscles, resulting in permanent postural and functional changes It does take discipline to do it, but in the end, is well worth it. Not only does my posture look good, my neck moves better and I feel great.

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