claudette james nose to kneeStuntwoman and patient Claudette James showed us how it's done after appearing and winning on "Let's Make a Deal" with Wayne Brady recently.

Flexibility-Strength Balance

Healthy bodies should be flexible and strong.  People often suffer from muscular and joint pain because they first lack strength.


Weak muscles end up being spastic as a reflex to protect the weak joint, and this results in joint stiffness, inflexibility and early arthritis (due to joint misalignment and increased joint pressure grinding down on joint cartilage). The instinct is to stretch a tight area to relieve discomfort - however it is short lived though immediate.


The permanent solution is to strengthen the weak muscles that will allow for optimal joint tracking and movement.


Shoot for a goal - perhaps you too can do the splits and touch your nose to your knee like Stuntwoman and patient Claudette James!


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