Getting old is not for the faint of heart, they say. It's 'old age'! Is it really?

Ever thought of neglect? As a clinician who's practiced for over 18 years, I'm seeing 19 year-olds coming in with 'old people problems' - muscle and joint aches that won't heal.  Just lay on some junk food, sleep deprivation and sodas - and you can feel as old as your Grandpa.  On the other hand, I see 40-somethings taking a hold of their lives, eat and rest better - and they feel better than they've ever in their 20's!

Stop using old age as excuse for every health challenge you encounter. What you're saying is there's nothing you can do about it - age is running your show and that you're not responsible to your own demise.  How about taking some responsibility?  You can feel young, no matter what age, using the 7's:

1. drink 8-10 glasses of clear, fresh water a day

2. eat fresh, organic meats and vegetables in a relaxed state and environment

3. sleep restful 7-8 hours/night at regular times

4. participate in regular, relaxing and fun exercise or recreation activities

5. take directed, high quality vitamins and supplements to make up for deficiencies

6. breathe deep lungfuls of clean air (especially in stressful work environments) and

7. choose healthy beliefs - let Faith, Love and Hope rule your life.

Lack of Faith in God, Love and Hope cause people to live in a state of fear and anxiety.  There's striving, anger and depression.  If these rule your mind, your body will produce chemistry to reflect that.  Your body will produce acid and your hormones will be off balance.  In time, you'll feel joint stiffness, muscle weakness and pain, heart sluggishness, mental slowness and memory loss, low energy... you get the picture, the picture of decline and death.  I've seen this in teenagers and 20-somethings!

On the contrary, my good friend, Bob Yerkes, a successful Hollywood stuntman and 77 years old, still jumps off 40' bridges and hangs from scaffoldings.  You'll see him in the current hit film "Angels and Demons" where he plays the Cardinal.  His 'secret'?  Lots of fruit and water, exercise and a strong faith in GOD that propels him to live a purposeful life.

Stop the excuses - take charge!  Here's to healthy and purposeful living!


Blue Formal crop-clean bg  rsOlivia Chang, D.C., CCSP (sports medicine) practices at dr Chang Health in La Jolla, CA with her team of therapists.  She is also a professional Hollywood Stunt Performer and martial artist.  Her comprehensive, cutting-edge whole person approach includes helping patients connect brain to body dysfunctions, clinical nutrition & cognitive-based rehabilitative exercise re-training.  Chronic pains and conditions disappear when the brain starts being engaged in the healing process.  She travels the world to discover treatment methods immersed in different cultures & find quality health products for her patients and clients. Visit her @ or email