Kat C.      1/21/2016     La Jolla,




I started seeing Dr. Chang in Oct 2015 because I was having hormonal issues/abdominal pain. She was quick to take inventory of ALL kinds of information regarding my nutritional, sleeping, exercising, stress levels, BC history, and body alignment. It was clear from the get-go that she is a very thorough thinker/professional, which quite honestly I've never felt like I had a medical professional's attention THAT much. I even made the comment when I got home that I've never been to a doctor that I felt cared that much before. She was able to get me on a game-plan where I ditched hormonal BC, started eating more alkaline foods (apparently my body PH was really off and I never even knew to investigate or monitor that before) and she gave me a series of exercises to strengthen my lower region muscles that were giving me issues (and apparently those were hurting b/c my body was out of line & again, I never thought to pay attention to how I was walking/standing/sleeping in particular ways).  It is now late Jan of 2016 and I just had a follow-up visit w/ her and it was amazing at how my "laundry list" of issues back in Oct, is now NADDA. I definitely took the full-court-press stance and was ready to try any/and everything to see a change and boy, did I see/feel one. I'm very thankful for her expertise and feel that every town would benefit if they had a local Dr. Chang :)  Sidenote: I am now on a NATURAL BC called Daysy that Dr. Chang recommended and I feel AMAZING and have my body back. The fact doctor's do not even OFFER it as an option is a true travesty to women's health. I'm pretty bummed that I'm 32 and just now realizing it exists b/c I just think of how I could have been feeling better years ago.