Steve G.     9/28/15     Lexington, MA

I was visiting La Jolla in Christmas 2014 and very recently in Sept. 2015.  Both times I visited Dr. Chang Health for relief from real arm pain caused from a major car accident in Sept. 2014 which damaged both my shoulders.  I was at the point of giving in to major surgery to alleviate pain.

Sharon and Dr. Chang are very friendly and professional, and greatly helped me by providing expert myofacial release, chiropractic treatment on my shoulders and arms, and sound exercises to strengthen my rotator cuffs and provide nearly immediate relief to my shoulders and rotator cuffs.  The use of advanced technology in the Rapid Release technique GREATLY provided relief and in that, not short term, but lasting.

Furthermore, through their forward thinking program, they photographed and videoed before and after poses I took in stretching exercises, showing progress made.

I cannot say thanks enough to them and highly recommend seeing them for permanent corrective treatment.  I live in Boston Mass. and plan on flying out again in a few weeks to continue treatment, which after 1 year of other options, is the best route for a speedy recovery.

Their care, their skills and expert experience, are unlike anything I have seen in the past!