Progesterone is responsible for balancing estrogen and the female reproductive cycle. Deficiency results in symptoms of PMS, water retention, bloating, tender breasts, headaches, cramping, irritability and mood swings.

Research shows natural progesterone:

  • stimulates bone building osteoblasts, thus providing protection against osteoporosis;
  • reduces the mitotic change in breast and uterine tissue, thereby protecting against cancer; and
  • is responsible for the physiologic equilibrium with estrogen.

Natural progesterone can be used for supporting menopausal symptoms, PMS, and osteoporosis. At menopause, women lose both estrogen and progesterone. It only makes sense to replace them both together, building back to physiologic levels. How does one know whether they are receiving adequate amounts of replacement hormones? Blood & saliva tests determine deficiencies. They also determine whether adequate replacement has been prescribed. All people will absorb, assimilate and respond to hormones differently than others. If the proper level (and therefore tissue level) is not achieved, the full benefit of hormone replacement is not realized.

Because natural supplements such as vitamins and hormones are protected by federal regulation, they may not be patented and therefore are not produced by major pharmaceutical manufacturers. A lot of what physicians learn is from studies produced by pharmaceutical companies who have conducted expensive trials to prove the effectiveness of certain medications. Your gynecologist was probably taught only about the synthetic products. Natural hormones do not come under specific brand names and require more self-education and experience in prescribing and monitoring. Naturopathic doctors and other qualified natural health care providers can test your levels and guide you in the right direction.

BioMatrix Pro-Adapt, indicated for progesterone augmentation, is of the highest pharmaceutical grade natural progesterone. It contains just enough alcohol to be absorbed under the tongue (the alcohol is vaporized and not absorbed), thus bypassing the gut, where malabsorption may be a factor and oxidative reactions cause hormone degradation.This natural, bio-identical progesterone hormone (from wild yam extract whose biochemical structure is identical to those produced by the body), taken sublingually, is superior to progesterone cream as dosing is more accurate.1.2 mg (1 drop) of BioMatrix Pro-Adapt is equivalent to 3 mg of micronized oral progesterone. BioMatrix Pro-Adapt has a 99% absorption rate. Creams are absorbed and stored by fat tissues and released inconsistently into the blood. 

If you need recommendations regarding your health, feel free to use the HELP (Health Enhancement Life Plan) line.  High pharmaceutical grade, doctor prescribed natural supplements such as Standard Process, Garden of Life’s Original Medicine and other doctor name brands (which can’t be mentioned due to manufacturer guidelines) are used as they have been proven highly successful clinically. VIP discounted pricing available to all HELP members.


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