Whole Foods Farmacy, a whole foods company that we endorse, has some great ideas on how to live a cleaner 2015.  We've added our extra thoughts to them.

Processed foods contain added salt, fat & sugar that heighten the senses, and often time overwhelm any sense of control.  They contain POISONS that are damaging to the cardiac system, and are an important cause of the obesity epidemic.  Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, have natural, whole, and easily digestible sodium, sugar and fats which are cleansing to the body. They naturally pull toxins out of your tissues and organs. and you may even experience the occasional sniffle and congestion from the cleansing process.

When you eat a “whole food diet”, choosing minimally processed foods, a sense of fullness with less calories is quickly attained.  Why?  Because whole foods are full of water, fiber and nutrients.  Processed foods are a dense source of fat & sugars with a few nutrients added back to sell as “healthy” for you.

The pounds will start to drop when you start eating unprocessed foods.  A better benefit is the renewal of a damaged cardiac system >>> and defogging your mind!

The very best diets are the diets that our grandmothers prepared around the world, before food processing. People in Spain, Costa Rica, Japan, and even the northern coast of Africa, eat primarily a plant-based diet with small portions of protein.  This, along with activities of daily living, give them a leaner physique.  And, yes, when the cities introduce faster-food which is more processed, the populations' weight and degenerative diseases increase.  So start today - buy a bag of fruit or vegetables in season and try preparing them yourself. 


1. Processed Meats - Full of sodium and preservatives. The worse quality meats stuffed with extra fats for moisture. 

2.  Hydrogenated fats (Trans fats) - No more than 1% of total calories from trans fats, ie 2 grams per day, perhaps, not at all!!

3.  Processed flours - And any products made from them, plus donuts, cakes & pastries are often made with hydrogenated fats as well.

4.  Sugary drinks - Even the 'nutrition packed' sports & energy. Watch out for artificial food coloring!

5.  Fried fast foods - Well, our opinion is that these heart cloggers do more damage than good.

6.  Saturated fats - Keep total saturated fats to less than 5% of your total calories per day.  Choose healthy meats, low-fat dairy.

7.  Blended coffees - Very high in sugars, they increase the risks of diabetes and obesity.

8.  Microwave popcorn - Have you looked at the poor quality fat content lately?

9.  Canned chicken soup -  This is just a sodium broth, don’t kid yourself.  Make a big healthy pot of vegetable/protein soup... and throw some REAL chicken in there for good measure.

10.  Creamy salad dressings - LOADED with calories from poor quality fats & sugars.

Interested in cleansing?  Try Whole Food Farmacy's 7 or 13-day real, whole-food based, non-starving program.  Want more of a lifestyle change and deeper cleansing?  Talk to us about Standard Process' 21-day Purification Program.

Our mission is to help restore your brain and nervous system to optimal balance so you can be healthy, pain-free and energized!

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