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You'll find our exclusive Health Enhancement Life Plan (HELP) tips pertaining to diet, nutritional supplementation, mental/emotional health, spiritual insights, etc. To ignore the spiritual, mental and emotional elements that constitute us is to deny a big part of who we are.  Mental/emotional stresses can cause IMMEDIATE body reactions such as indigestion, muscle spasms and heart attack.  As spiritual beings, our belief system dictates our thought life which cascades to our emotional reactions to life.  The western world tends to focus on the development and maintenance of the physical body.  It is no wonder why the spiritual, mental and emotional muscles are weak and why antidepressants top the most prescribed drug list (according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Good health is characterized by high energy, positive outlook on life, toned and strong muscles, silky hair,  strong nails, and smooth skin.  Healthy diet and nutritional supplementation can support the body while we thrive to strengthen the spirit, mind and heart.  In upcoming blogs, we'll share insights from clinical practice, anecdotal wisdom from the ages and around the world or just simple & practical common sense tips.  You'll have information you can put to the test immediately!

Best of LIFE to you!