Amanda R.      7/6/2015     La Jolla, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Chang, Sharon, and Paulina for several months now. As all of the other reviews have already stated, Dr. Chang is great at fixing the root of your issues. I originally went in for knee issues from running only to realize how imbalanced my right and left sides were. After I started doing the suggested exercises, my knee pain instantly went away. This was after I spent a lot of time in physical therapy with doctors and therapists telling me to just do more foam rolling (even though I was already doing it everyday).

I was also recently in a bad car accident. Dr. Chang not only helped me physically but also mentally. Her therapy helped me 'reset' my brain to get over my fear and anxiety of driving or being in a car again. For this, I am forever grateful.

Lastly, both Sharon and Paulina are wonderful massage therapists. They target areas that need special attention and leave you feeling healthier and happier than before. I used to have a membership at Massage Envy, and these massages are above and beyond those canned massages, since the therapists actually care about you and get to know you and your needs here.

Anyone who comes here is guaranteed to have a truly healing experience as long as you are open to it!