Photo of Gregory C.

Gregory C.  3/2/2015  Cicero, NY

If you like the beach and massages then that means you are human, congratulations. Now, you should really visit Dr. Chang and her massage therapists.

You'll be able to spend time on the beach next to the office and relax; really begin to let go of that tension. Then, head up to get a very soothing massage for a while.

My experience was with Sharon. I mentioned a particular spot that constantly has knots. She expertly opened up my joints, massaged around the area, and placed pressure in a few surrounding areas. It never hurt, not even once. So, I thought it wasn't going to work. Little did I know. I ended up very relaxed, big smile on my face, and the pain vanished!

If you are looking for quality and people who know what they are doing, come to Dr. Chang Health!