Claudette James, Hollywood Stuntwoman at Dr Chang Health, La Jolla ShoresClaudette J., Professional Hollywood Stuntwoman 5/18/14, South Pasadena, CA








I have been a patient of Dr. Chang since 2002 when we met on the set of "Dark Blue" a movie with Kurt Russell. We were both working as Stunt Performers (Olivia was getting shot in the chest and I was getting shot in the back).

Olivia is very knowledgeable about the needs of a person's body and enjoys educating her patients on how to create the mind, body, spirit connection. She also incorporates herbs and supplements necessary to strengthen your body which ultimately computes to healthy and pain free living, a goal we all would like to achieve.  In addition, she encourages and motivates her patients to continue their maintenance at home.

In 2004 I was working on the set of the movie "Collateral" starring Tom Cruise and who do I see coming out of the makeup/hair trailer but Dr. Olivia Chang (what a nice surprise).  We worked about 2 weeks dancing and dodging bullets in the night club scene.  There were about 30 stunt people working in that scene and since many of them knew that Olivia was a Chiropractor therefore she was able to provide adjustments to the crew to offset the long hours we had to work.

Dr. Chang is very patient and will take the necessary time to explain anything you don't understand.  She cares about what she can do to help her patients succeed with their health. Trust me she won't steer you wrong.