Charissa W.  Marketing Executive 9/3/2013 Valley Center, CA

I've been having hip issues for a long time now. I had decided to do something about it once it was preventing me to sleep. The first time i went to her gave me immediate relief. No pain! It was crazy. I've gone to chiropractors in the past but with not much luck.

She looked at my whole body, not just the location of pain. She worked with me to adjust the position of my seat in my car (as i do a lot of driving) and provided me exercises to work on at home to strengthen the muscles around the issue. That coupled with a massage after the adjustment makes Dr Chang the best chiropractor I've ever experienced. The adjustment realigns your body and the massage helps to relax the muscles so that they don't pull your body out of alignment again. Brilliant! She also helped me understand what was happening and why so that I can make changes and adjustments myself.