It is believed that gastrointestinal health is crucial for overall health.In Chinese medicine, it is foundational to treat the gastrointestinal tract before chasing after other symptoms.Healthy intestinal tract mucosal lining means optimal absorption of nutrients from food and nutritional supplements and strong natural antibody presence in the lining (IgA – immunoglobulin A).It also means decreased toxins being introduced to the body as in Leaky Gut Syndrome.An unhealthy intestinal lining can lead to an overworked liver, hormonal imbalance, skin conditions, adrenal stress, gastric ulcers, indigestion, gastric esophageal reflux disease (GERD), etc… How does one keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy? Probiotics!Probiotics is the ‘good’ bacteria we all should have to keep our intestinal tract lining in tact.Stress, antibiotics, eating poor quality foods and infection are some of the culprits that destroy the lining.

In our clinical practice, we’ve used many top brands over the years.Few can compare in quality and price to Garden of Life’s probiotics.Their doctor’s line, Original Medicine, is even more potent (Click here & mention this article for VIP pricing).

Original Medicine’s S. boulardii (Saccharomyces Boulardii)) has been shown effective at helping to maintain a healthy intestinal lining, which is an integral part of the body’s normal immune defense. This is done by supporting healthy levels of short chain fatty acids (SCFA’s) that are utilized as a  primary energy source by the mucosal cells and polyamines that support intestinal mucosal integrity. Arabinogalactan from Larch, fermented by probiotics, is also added to the formula.

  • Helps maintain an optimal amount of intra-intestinal fluid and optimal gut motility.
  • Produces a protease that interferes with the ability of some undesirable bacteria, such as Clostridium difficile, from adhering to the lining of the intestine.
  • Supports a healthy intestinal environment inhospitable for a variety of fungal cells, including Candida albicans and Candida krusei. Micro-organisms such as C. difficile, C. krusei and C. albicans are present in the normal healthy human intestine.

It is a unique, non –pathogenic yeast that has many beneficial actions in the intestinal tract. S. boulardii has been utilized worldwide as a probiotic supplement to support gastrointestinal health. It benefits the gastrointestinal tract by increasing intestinal populations of healthy bifidobacteria while decreasing numbers of disease-causing organisms.

As a transient yeast organism that passes through the intestines after ingestion, S boulardii does not attach to the mucosal cells lining the intestinal lumen, but exerts its beneficial effects on the host as it moves through the gastrointestinal tract. S boulardii is completely unrelated to Candida albicans, C. tropicalas, C. kruise and other Candida species that cause disease and overgrowth species decrease the acidity of the gastrointestinal mucosal membrane susceptible to invasion by disease-causing bacteria and yeast.  S boulardii exerts the opposite effect. It produces lactic and other acids know to inhibit disease causing Candida yeast species.

Original Medicine’s Multi-Probiotic (stronger than Garden of Life’s Primal Defense) is a unique, high potency probiotic blend of 11 different strains that supports a healthy immune system and normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the gut.

  • Provides beneficial microorganisms that help to support a healthy microbial balance in the gut and health in general.
  • Thrives in the toughest digestive environments and are undeterred by stomach and bile acids.
  • Supports a healthy balance of microflora in the GI tract.
  • Contains 8 billion CFU’s per capsule at the time of manufacture.

It contains the finest strains of probiotic bacteria and is used to assist digestion, maintain normal cholesterol, produce natural antibodies and nutritionally support the body’s fight against conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, candidaisis, colitis and allergies.

If you or someone you know suffers from gastric ulcers, gastritis, intestinal inflammation or infection, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) or Crohn’s disease, have them visit us.We look forward to helping!


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