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Nutrina Cal Mac Sport (calmac) for improved sports performance & endurance!

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Our family of Calmac products (calcium, magnesium and vitamin C) are world-wide best sellers with over 10 million cans sold. When you prepare Calmac, the beverage becomes crystal clear. This means that the calcium and magnesium have ionized and is ready for the body to absorb quickly. The mineral is then immediately available to cells throughout the body. Calmac Original supplies calcium and magnesium in a 1:1 ratio.

We have successfully used CalMac to help people with chronic muscle spasms, sleep disorders due to mineral deficiency and stress tension, restless limb syndrome, and other related conditions.

• Healthy bone, joints and teeth.
• Better sleep.
• Colon and cardiovascular health.

• Reduced blood pressure.
• Muscle relaxation, including menopause cramps.
• Reduced anxiety and stress.
• Cardiovascular health.
• Menopause relief.
• Better sleep.

• Is essential for the growth, maintenance and repair of all tissues.
• Keeps blood vessels smooth and prevents deposits of plaque.
• Vital for your healthy and strong immune system (high concentrations exist in immune cells and it is consumed quickly during infections).


CALMAC is a fast absorbing calcium and magnesium beverage powder. It is especially suitable for children whose bones are growing, or for anyone who has high calcium requirements. CalMac is unique because of its slightly acid natural formulation which dissolves the calcium and magnesium powders into usable ions and assimilate as usable minerals without digestion.

CalMac is useful for relaxation after a stressful or hard day of work, or before and after exercise. It makes a great ready for bedtime drink when you add some juice from oranges or apples, or a bag of your favorite herbal tea. It is ideal for re-mineralizing bone, or whenever calcium or magnesium is called for. The powder contains no instantizers, preservatives, artificial flavors or color. Recommended servings - 1 to 3 per day

Sport 1:1 Ca/Mg ratio - CalMac SPORT provides active adults, women or anyone over the age of 40 with the benefit of extra magnesium. Diets low in vegetables as well as our depleted sources of magnesium in commercially mass produced vegetables make this a good supplement.
Each serving of approx. 1 heaping teaspoon - 300mg Calcium, 300mg Magnesium.

5 oz