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DR. Morter's BEST Process Alka Green Powder 


AlkaGreen Powder for alkalinizing blood pH!

With Dr. Morter's Alka Green, we've used this successfully to help patients neutralize their acidic blood pH, commonly found in people with high protein, high meats and vegetable deficient diets. 

Common uses:

  • organic young barley grass supplement
  • natural body alkalizer greed food powder
  • balance body's blood pH levels

This Dr. Morter's Alka Green 100% barley juice concentrate is the basic Alka-Line product. Recommended as the best overall natural body alkalizer, it is grown under organic conditions, contains no chemical fertilizer, insecticides or pesticides. Dr. Morter's Alka Green is not diluted, so it provides the maximum concentration of the naturally chelated colloidal alkaline mineral so vital to support nutritional health. Other brands on the market contain "Maltodextrin" which reduces the amount of barley green in each serving!  Dr. Morter's Alka Green represents the best quality, concentrated barley green nutrients on the market.

10 oz. powder