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MASSAGE is crucial in retraining the body & mind to function in a healthy state of rest.  In our fast paced and highly stimulated culture, getting to that state of rest is challenging as we often exist in a 'survival' fight/flight mode to mange life's stressors. Choose from:

Relaxation (Swedish) - long slow strokes intended to calm nerves and relax muscles. Ideal for the highly stressed or wound up.
Deep (Sports) - deeper kneading of muscles intended to help release knots, break up scar tissues from microtraumas and remove lactic acid from muscles. Reduces muscle soreness and joint pain. Ideal for athletes and those working physically strenuous jobs. Kerry Roche, La Jolla best massage therapist
Stretches (Asian style) - incorporates kneading of large muscle groups while moving joints and opening up a compressed body. Ideal for people who sit all day, want to be more flexible, or simply decompress.
Fusion (Combo) - a combination of the above techniques as seen fit by your therapist. Joints are stretched and knots are removed as needed while providing a relaxing experience.

Your unique massage experience includes:
  • Hot or Cold Towel Service (depending on your preference & season)
  • Hot or Cold Stone Therapy as needed
  • 100% Organic Olive Oil that nourishes your skin
  • Add-ons such as skin protective Chocolate-Infused oil, CBD oil and/or Essential Oils

    If you prefer oil-free or clothes-on, we are happy to accommodate.  Choose from:



    Zombie Deluxe - 120-minutes

    Full Body Melt - 90-minutes

    Classic - 60-minutes

    Mini - 30-minutes


    RAPID RELEASE TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE with RRT Pro 2  is perfectLa Jolla Rapid Release for those needing a quick refresher to decrease pain & increase range of motion from scarred up old injuries.   Our Professional Team will evaluate where you have joint restrictions and gently apply the advanced RRT Pro 2 to the area while you close your eyes and relax to the hypnotic high velocity vibrations. Take a life break and let your thoughts drift away... Each session is 15 minutes and can extend in 5-minute segments. Consecutive sessions and pairing with HyperStabilization Re-training Exercises recommended for optimal results. 

    HyperStabilization Re-training Exercises  Whether you have new or old injuries, our cutting edge Re-Training Exercises reconnect  brain pathways to the injured muscles and joints, enhance nerve firing patterns, and ease the strengthening process so that your movements are perfectly timed and fluidly smooth. If you have not had success with traditional physical therapy methods, this may surprise you! We have high success with Rotator Cuff tears, Frozen Shoulder, Torn Knee Menisicus, Neck Whiplash - professional athletes and performers have returned to work full strength.  Each session is 15-minutes and can extend in 15-minute segments.


    dr Chang Health, La Jolla, Olivia ChangHands-on chiropractic techniques include non-force Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), low-force Activator device, traditional spinal joint manipulation, Thompson drop table technique, Flexion-Distraction spinal disc decompression, Rapid Release Technique and advanced therapeutic soft tissue manipulation.
    Physiotherapeutics such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation are also used. 
    HyperStabilization Re-training Exercises are prescribed as in-office and/or home therapy sessions.
    Functional Medicine Therapy includes adrenal, hormonal and gastrointestinal lab tests and customized supplement prescription to help speed up your recovery.

    REMOTE Functional Medicine Consultation - This service is available to anyone who has access to a phone, Skype or Whatsapp, and who require mental-emotional-body balancing as well as whole-person dietary, supplement and lifestyle wellness care. Make your appointment by clicking on the green button below (BOOK ONLINE NOW), from anywhere in the world! For your initial consult, a minimum of 30-minutes is required.

    Procedures used for each patient is dependent on their temperament, pain tolerance and medical condition. Due to our multi-faceted, whole-body comprehensive approach, treatment sessions are charged by time. Average office visit is about 15 minutes.  Your Therapy Team may provide additional muscle/joint therapy & rehab exercises as prescribed.
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