MSQ Immune Supplement (30oz)

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  • MSQ Immune Supplement (30oz)
  • MSQ Immune Supplement (30oz)

Dr Chang Health is USA's exclusive distributor of MSQ.

MSQ Immune Supplement

is formulated by A-D Research Foundation head Peter Grandics PhD, a widely published research scientist. When his work with pharmaceuticals only yielded limited success, Dr. Grandics was determined find the cause of many 21st century illnesses.  Together with many peer reviewed research, he discovered that mental-emotional stress, environmental toxicity and nutritional deficiencies are main causative factors for cancer, heart disease, poor immunity and a whole slew of other degenerative diseases.

Check out Dr Chang Health's interview with Dr. Peter Grandics in Hungary:


This novel integrative therapy utilizes the correction of recently discovered critical nutrient deficiencies in cases of cancer. These deficiencies have also been found to increase the incidence of a variety of cancers. A combination of critical nutrient deficiencies including deficiencies of plant phenolics, the vitamin B complex, iodine, lipids and a group of minerals have been found to reproduce the effects of radiation or chemical damage to DNA, similarly leading to immune suppression and altered cellular proliferation. Because these nutritional deficiencies can initiate carcinogenesis and tumorigenesis, their correction is essential to reverse the disease. These findings also demonstrate that cancer is a systemic disease, and not confined to the tumor. This integrative therapy has three tiers: 

  1. the identified critical nutrient deficiencies must be corrected so that the body has the resources necessary to reverse the conditions that lead to DNA dysfunction and immune suppression, the hallmarks of cancer. Inadequate nutrient uptake may be due to poor nutrition, stressful lifestyles that reduce the nutrient processing capacity of the gut, or a combination of both.
  2. subtle energetic balancing of the body by identifying and relieving emotional traumas. In agreement with ancient Oriental medicine, Dr. Wilhelm Reich proved the existence of a life energy field that animates all life forms, and demonstrated that the restriction of this energy flow in the body can lead to disease. Our specialists can analyze and cleanse the patient’s energy field thereby establishing the energetic foundation for healing. Environmental electromagnetic interferences (electrosmog) in our living area negatively influence physiological processes and predispose us to illnesses. Therefore, the sources such interferences must be located and neutralized.
  3. learning proper nutritional and stress reduction habits in order to prevent cancer from recurring. This can also be considered an important, healthy change in one’s life.

Dietary Factors: A-D Research has identified several critical nutrients, the deficiencies of which lead to an increased incidence of a variety of cancers. These nutrients, which have also been found to be deficient in cancer cells, include plant phenolics and vitamin B complex, with folate and vitamin B12 being the most important. In addition, minerals including iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and potassium are critical to proper DNA function. Iodine is another essential mineral; iodine deficiency, which is quite common in the United States and many countries around the world, has been found to be a more effective tumor promoter than carcinogenic chemicals in scientific studies. In addition, a widespread deficiency of essential lipids must also be corrected. Cancer patients, being immune-compromised, also develop opportunistic bacterial and parasitic infections in the gut and the urinary tract. Therefore, the digestive and excretory system must be cleansed in cancer patients. This can be accomplished using a method proven by thousands of years of medical practice. Based on this knowledge, a unique dietary approach was developed for cancer patients. This incorporates a supplement called MSQ incorporating several common nutrients, including:

  • sugar cane molasses (a source of plant phenolic compounds)
  • vitamin B complex,
  • critical minerals including iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and potassium
  • essential unsaturated lipids
  • rose petal extract (another historically proven source of essential lipids)
  • Folate and vitamin B12 (maintain DNA integrity and function)
  • molecular iodine
  • oral sulfur (disinfecting effects)
  • apple cider vinegar (in the gut and the urinary system help restore digestive and excretory functions, a cornerstone of early medical practice)

Stress Reduction: Prolonged stress is a primary factor causing suppression of the immune system. Research shows that emotional stress impairs the immune system and makes people more prone to cancer. It has also been determined that long-term stress sets in motion a series of reactions that inhibit proper nutritional absorption by the body. As most current treatment modalities are designed to treat only the symptomatic results, the underlying problem of a dysfunctional immune system remains. To stay healthy in the long run requires learning stress reduction techniques in addition to proper nutrition.

MSQ Nutritional Food Supplement: The nutritional routine you are about to begin requires careful attention to the details below. Following these instructions will ensure the highest chances of success. The MSQ formula is a very sweet, thick brown liquid.

Serving: The standard adult one-time dose is 1 ounce (30 ml or 2 tablespoons). You should take it with a snack or meal three times a day. Finish the entire dose, licking any remainder from the medicine cup. You should drink at least four 6 oz glasses of purified or mineral water every day (this is a good practice to maintain generally). 

Notes and Possible Side EffectsIn the first week of this regime, you may experience some degree of stomach discomfort. This is due to the large amount of molasses you will be consuming. The body will respond to this formula with an increase of flatulence. A bloated feeling may accompany this in the beginning weeks. A high-fiber diet of vegetables and fruits can help reduce these effects. However, these reactions are temporary and will subside as your body adjusts.

Diet: Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining health. Adequate intake of all the nutrients listed above is important. Daily supplementation with foods that have sufficient concentrations of critical nutrients is the optimal approach.