Rapid Release Technology NEW RRT Pro 3 FREE SHIPPING! BEST PRICE! EXTRA $99 off coupon

Rapid Release Technology NEW RRT Pro 3 FREE SHIPPING! BEST PRICE! EXTRA $99 off coupon Loading...
  • Rapid Release Technology NEW RRT Pro 3 FREE SHIPPING! BEST PRICE! EXTRA $99 off coupon
  • Rapid Release Technology TOOL RRT Pro 3 - best price $1098 minus $99 rebate + FREE shipping!
  • Rapid Release Technology TOOL RRT Pro 3 - best price $1098 minus $99 coupon + FREE shipping!

Rapid Release Technology RRT Pro 3

Rapid Release RRT Pro 2 BEST PRICE!  

OUR PRICE: $1100
 ($99 coupon code: PRO3
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Rapid Release Therapy is already the go-to therapy of tens-of-thousands of professionals worldwide because of ease of use and consistent results.
The Pro3 is our new flagship device.  Re-engineered and refined to make it lighter, smoother, quieter, and best of all, cordless with a long battery life.

  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic linear design
  • 150  Strokes Per Second +- 10%
  • 3-5x Faster than percussion
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
*BEST LOWEST PRICE FROM US, SAVE $99 use coupon code: Pro3 at checkout!*
SAME manufacturer 2-year warranty + FREE shipping 
Call or text us at (619) 807-1002 if you need help.


At Dr. Chang Health, we treat patients from all over the U.S. and the world. We've had such a great success with the RRT Rapid Release Pro 2 treatment tool for chronic pain and injuries that patients want to buy one to bring home for themselves!


Everyday Pain Relief.

Combining high frequency with a tiny stroke delivers relief of minor aches and pains and relaxes muscles. Add in the 5 unique treatment surfaces, each with a specific purpose and you get a truly unique therapy device.

Pain Treatment Redefined

Rapid Release will quickly become your “Go To” modality. Quick, pleasant treatments are comfortable for you and your patients. The small stroke, high frequency and multiple treatment heads puts Rapid Release in a class of its own.

Extreme Versatility

Rapid Release’s vibration therapy is useful from head to toe and will get your patients moving and enjoying life again. Target pain with 5 unique treatment surfaces and vary the effect on the fly with a flick of the wrist. 


You hold yourself—and your body—to a higher standard. You set yourself apart. Rapid Release Technology shares these values. We’re proud to offer a natural, practical way to relax muscles and relieve minor pains and aches.

Like you, Rapid Release is ready for action.

Pre- and post-activity treatments could boost your performance. Find out for yourself how Rapid Release could be your competitive advantage!

Rocking the Sports World

Olympic and professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, MMA and more trust their bodies to Rapid Release Technology.  They choose Rapid Release because it’s quick, it’s versatile and it works.

WARRANTY: manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on all parts defective in material and workmanship only. It shall be up to the discretion of the manufacturer whether to repair or replace any of the parts necessary to return the unit to full functionality. Warranty may be transferred, but only with the provision of the original proof of purchase. Customer will deal directly with manufacturer on warranty.

RETURNS: 90-day 100% Satisfaction and Return Policy by RRT
If returned, will have a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price charged by the manufacturer. Customer will be responsible for returning the unit in new, resalable condition to the factory address provided by RRT. You will be responsible for choosing a safe and insured return method;  and the cost of the return. Returns are to be handled directly with the manufacturer, with information provided in original packaging.

Call or Text us at (619) 807-1002 if you need help.
Always the BEST PRICE from us!