BioMatrix Pregnenolone sublingual drops (30ml) BEST PRICE!

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BioMatrix Pregnenolone - the highest pharmaceutical grade.

It contains just enough alcohol to be absorbed under the tongue (the alcohol is vaporized and not absorbed), thus bypassing the gut, where malabsorption may be a factor and oxidative reactions cause hormone degradation.

1.2 mg (1 drop) of BioMatrix Pregnenolone is equivalent to 3 mg of micronized oral pregnenolone. BioMatrix Pregnenolone has a 99% absorption rate.

BioMatrix Pregnenolone™
Bottle size: 30 ml, approximately 1,000 drops
One Drop (.03 ml) Contains:
Pregnenolone: Approx. 1.2 mg
Other ingredients: Glycerin, Alcohol, Vanilla Flavor