Massage and/or Stretch Sessions (30, 60, 90, 120-minutes)

Massage and/or Stretch Sessions (30, 60, 90, 120-minutes) Loading...

Best Massage in La Jolla Shores - Please indicate Day/Time of your preferred session (provide 1st choice & 2nd choice). Note our Late/Cancellation Policy below.*

MASSAGE is crucial in retraining the body & mind to function in a healthy state of rest.  In our fast paced and highly stimulated culture, getting to that state of rest is challenging as we often exist in a 'survival' fight/flight mode to mange life's stressors. Choose from:

Kerry Roche, La Jolla best massageRelaxation (Swedish) - long slow strokes intended to calm nerves and relax muscles. Ideal for the highly stressed.  
Deep (Sports) - deeper kneading of muscles intended to help remove kKerry Roche, B.A., Certified Massage Therapist, Rapid Release Therapistnots, break up scar tissues from microtraumas and remove lactic acid from muscles. Reduces muscle soreness and joint pain. Ideal for the athlete and those working physically strenuous jobs.
Stretches - incorporates kneading of large muscle groups while stretching joints and opening up a compressed body. Ideal for people who sit all day & want to be more flexible.  
Fusion (Combo) - a combination of the above techniques as seen fit by your therapist. Joints are stretched and knots are removed as needed while providing a relaxing experience.
Your unique massage experience includes:
hot towel foot rub (cold towel in the summer) and your choice of 100% organic California olive oil
, oil-free or clothes-on.  Choose from:
Zombie Deluxe - 120-minutes
Full Body Melt - 90-minutes
Classic - 60-minutes
 Mini - 30-minutes

* Late/Cancellation Policy

  • 24-hour written notice is required (to to reschedule or cancel.
  • If you are late, your therapy session will consist of the remaining time.
  • If you miss the appointment, there will be no refund.  
  • Full payment charged and paid is for the time slot of your reserved session.