Energenics® (60 sg)



Energenics includes 3 Metagenics supplements that offer a 3-pronged approach to provide targeted nutritional support for mental clarity, stress tolerance, focus, cognitive performance, energy, and alertness.*

Each box contains one bottle of the following products:

Glycogenics® to support the body’s metabolism
Glycogenics is a balanced B-complex formula that features calcium L-5- methyltetrahydrofolate—a body-ready folate—with supportive nutrients. B complex supports healthy homocysteine metabolism, healthy energy metabolism, and a healthy stress response.*

Exhilarin® to support the stress response
Exhilarin is designed in the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine to increase stress tolerance and help maintain mental acuity. This time-tested formula is designed for individuals who are susceptible to becoming run down due to a hectic lifestyle and poor diet, or for those who are stressed and mentally exhausted.*

Attencia® to energize and activate
Attencia is scientifically formulated with a novel blend of targeted ingredients, including caffeine from phytonutrient -rich green coffee bean extract and guarana extract, L-theanine, omega fatty acids, and zinc. This unique formula supports energy levels, alertness, focus, and cognitive performance.*

Products included are gluten free.