Cenitol® Powder (30servings)

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Nervous System Support

Product Description:

Cenitol supports a healthy mood and overall nervous system function by featuring inositol—an important, naturally occurring component of cell membranes. Cenitol also supplies magnesium in the form of a fully reacted amino acid chelate designed for enhanced nervous system support.

    * Provides excellent support for healthy brain and nervous system function.
    * May support a positive mood by serving as a second messenger for several neurotransmitters.
    * Important in regulating vital cellular functions such as signal transduction, cell proliferation and differentiation, and osmoregulation.
    * Promotes healthy nerve tissue synthesis and nerve conduction.
    * Supplied in powder form for ease of delivery and enhanced dosing flexibility.


Magnesium (as magnesium bis-glycinate†)       200 mg
Inositol (as myo-inositol)       4 g
Citric acid        800 mg

Other Ingredient: Cellulose

Recommendations: Mix one scoop in water or juice one to three times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Form: 7.8 oz (222g) Powder Bottle