Rapid Release JUVENATE review - new generation of drug-free pain relief

by Olivia Chang
on December 15, 2017

Rapid Release RRT Juvenate review from Dr Chang HealthThe
 Rapid Release RRT Juvenate provides the same frequency and strokes of vibration as the Rapid Release RRT Pro 2, and has the 3 most popular tool heads (versus the 5 on the Pro 2) - one for trigger points, another for broader areas and the last more common for all other use.
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Rapid Release RRT Pro 2 helped relieve hip and back pain

by Dr Chang Health
on June 28, 2017

This client  and his wife read about the RRT Pro 2  online and came to our office for some trial sessions.  He came in with hip and back pain, and was hoping for some relief.  What he got was more than he expected and he couldn't wait to tell others!  


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