Rapid Release Pro 2 Tool at Dr Chang Health La JollaThe long awaited RRT Rapid Release Pro 2 tool is here in La Jolla! The RRT Pro 2 is superior for scar tissues and joint adhesion!

RAPID RELEASE THERAPY RRT Pro 2... our newest treatment device for neck, back and joint pain!

This is 
Dr Olivia Chang using Rapid Release RRT Pro 2 therapythe first tool I've found worthy of our time and investment in the last 20+ years.  I've seen just about every gimmick and treatment modality come through for neck, back and joint pain. Many tout high success and quote studies to prove their point.  For me, it has to not only make scientific sense, it has to provide adequate clinical payoff, that is... patient actually notice a benefit!  Most of the time, I would test these new devices at my fellow colleagues' offices - not only on myself and repeatedly, making sure I've vigorously tested it, but also on some patients' neck, back and joint. The Rapid Release Technique (RRT) Pro 2 device has proven highly effective in the relieve of Minor Aches and Pains with High Speed Vibration. This allows muscles to be flexible again and joints to move through their intended full range of motion.


Dr Olivia Chang  Rapid Release Pro 2 therapyThe Rapid Release Technology (RRT) Pro 2 device (replaces the newly retired RRT Pro 1) provides comfortable, high velocity vibration that is useful from head to toe and will get patients moving and enjoying life again. Target pain with 5 unique treatment surfaces and vary the effect on the fly with a flick of the wrist.  This is a happy solution to those of you who have endured our deep tissue myofascial therapy, ready to tap out and cry "Uncle", while wishing they could sing "Hallelujah"instead. 

Rapid Release RRT Pro 2 Best Price!

If you have stiff and painful joints, consider this non-invasive, non-surgical approach.  Call us at 619-807-1002 or email us at drChangHealth@gmail.com for your appointment today. RRT sessions with our Massage Therapist starts at only $25/15-minute session at our La Jolla Shores office.

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RAPID RELEASE PRO 2 ONLY $1150 (reg. $1495) 

Rapid Release RRT Pro 2 - BEST PRICE BUY NOW!


BE SURE TO BUY ONLY FROM US  for Rapid Release Pro 2 & to keep this RRT blog going to help others!  If you're experiencing problems at check-out, please call or text us 619-807-1002 

or call us at 619-807-1002

Olivia Chang, D.C., CCSP La Jolla ChiropractorOlivia Chang, D.C., CCSP practices at dr Chang Health Chiropractic in La Jolla, CA with her team of therapists.  She is also a professional Hollywood Stunt Performer and martial artist.  Her holistic approach includes helping patients connect brain to body dysfunctions, clinical nutrition & corrective rehabilitative exercise re-training. Email her at drchang@drchanghealth.com