drCHANGHealth is committed to help those seeking health to attain it.  Under the direction of sports medicine chiropractor Dr. Olivia Chang, also a professional Hollywood stunt performer, we help those determined to take charge of their lives & health through our unique whole-person treatment programs, lifestyle coaching, diet modification, therapeutic nutrition and brain-based rehab exercises. Our online store provides carefully handpicked, clinically tested & successfully proven nutritional supplements and health enhancement devices to support your health goals. We are La Jolla's premier chiropractic, massage & wellness destination.

People love us!

"Their care, their skills and expert experience, are unlike anything I have seen in the past!"

Steve G.     9/28/15     Lexington, MA

I was visiting La Jolla in Christmas 2014 and very recently in Sept. 2015.  Both times I visited Dr. Chang Health for relief from real arm pain caused from a major car accident in Sept....

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"I have had wonderful, healing, therapeutic massages with both Sharon and Paulina. "

Sandra M.     8/31/2015     La Jolla, CA

I have had wonderful, healing, therapeutic massages with both Sharon and Paulina. They are both very knowledgeable about sports related injuries and have helped identify and address  the issues behind my hip pain. I...

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Anxiety & Increased Dementia

anxiety.dementia pix

A recent study by the University of Southern California of data presented by 1082 Swedish twins found that those who experienced high anxiety have a 48% increased chance of developing dementia. Anxiety is often perceived...

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