Dr CHANG Health, Chiropractor in La Jolla is committed to help those seeking health to attain it.  Under the direction of sports medicine chiropractor Dr. Olivia Chang, also a professional Hollywood stunt performer, we help those determined to take charge of their lives & health through our unique whole-person treatment programs, lifestyle coaching, diet modification, therapeutic nutrition and brain-based rehab exercises. Our online store provides carefully handpicked, clinically tested & successfully proven nutritional supplements and health enhancement devices to support your health goals. We are La Jolla's premier chiropractic, massage & wellness destination.

People love us!

"I'm so grateful for Dr.Chang and her expertise...."

Candace M.     2/5/2016     La Jolla, CA

The very first time I went to see Dr. Chang she corrected a knee problem (turned out to be hip but felt like my...

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"It was clear from the get-go that she is a very thorough thinker/professional...."


Kat C.      1/21/2016     La Jolla,




I started seeing Dr....

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Do I really have a Short Leg?

before right short legOnly 3% of the population has a true anatomical short leg. This means the rest of us have muscle imbalances that lead to a functional short leg that can...

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